"Edge of the Galaxy" Deluxe Kit
"Edge of the Galaxy" Deluxe Kit
"Edge of the Galaxy" Deluxe Kit
"Edge of the Galaxy" Deluxe Kit
"Edge of the Galaxy" Deluxe Kit

"Edge of the Galaxy" Deluxe Kit

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Printed on vibrant, high-quality, non-removable Matte sticker paper.

Made for Standard Vertical planners; best in A5-Wide Planner Layouts, but can work well in similar/other inserts and planners!

***PLEASE NOTE: Glitter shown in these stickers do not actually contain glitter! They are an ink print of a glitter texture.


This kit comes with 8 sheets of stickers that include:

• Sheet #1 - (Full Boxes) Full-Sized Sheet of 9 Full Boxes (full-boxes are 1.5 in wide by 1.875 in tall), 1 Weekend Banner

• Sheet #2. (Functional #1) Full-Sized Sheet of Functional Stickers (includes heart checklists, Date Covers [1.5 in wide x 0.5 in tall], w/ separate date dots, 25 functional kiss-cut icons, and 12 script stickers).

• Sheet #3. (Functional #2) Full-Sized Sheet of functional stickers (includes 4 half-box checklists, two full box habit trackers, two quarter box habit trackers, a movie marquee, 18 functional dots, rescheduled, canceled and not happening stickers, 4 quarter boxes, 2 1/8th boxes, and two bill dues [all boxes and the movie marquee measure 1.5 inches wide]). 

• Sheet #4. (Half-Boxes & Pattern Washi) Full-Sized Sheet of Patterned Washi, 8 Half-boxes, and 4 quarter boxes [all 1.5 in wide and varying inches tall].

• Sheet #5. (Headers & Littles) Full-Sized Sheet of 28 Headers & 24 Little Things [all 1.5 in wide]

• Sheet #6. (Heart Checklists) Full-Sized Sheet of 9 Full Box Heart Checklists [1.5 in wide x 1.875 in tall], 4 Large Page Flags, and 4 Mini-Page Flags.

• Sheet #7. (Washi) Full-Sized Sheet Bottom Washi (Long THICK Strip measures 6.435 x 1.25 in; Long THIN Strip measures 6.435in x 15mm [.59 in]; Short THICK Strip measures 4.79 Wide x 1.25 in tall; Short THIN Strip measures 4.79 in wide x 15mm tall [.59 in]), and 8 Work Labels (1.5 in wide x 0.27 in tall).

• Sheet #8. (Glitter Sampler) Full-Sized Sheet of 32 Glitter Headers, 4 1/8th Boxes, 4 Quarter Boxes, 4 Labels, and 4 Glitter Half-Boxes. All Stickers are 1.5 inches wide.

**** Full-Sized Sheets are approximately 7.4 x 4.8 Inches, and Mini-Sheets are approximately 3.7 x 4.8 inches.


Each transaction comes with one mini-sheet sampler freebie!

Get a deluxe freebie (full-sized sheet [4.8 x 7.4 inches]) on orders over $50 USD!


Please keep in mind:

• Colors may vary depending on your device / monitor. What you see on your screen may look slightly different in person.

• Please read shop policies for more information on processing times and shipping.


Questions? Feel free to message me at any time!

All artwork and illustrations are 100% original, by Kimmi of Kimmi's Studio.

If you'd like to see some of our clipart, visit our digital shop! htttp://kimmisdigitalstudio.etsy.com

Follow us on Instagram for updates and previews: @KimmisStudio

Thank you for shopping with Kimmi's Studio! :D

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