"Cocoa & Chill" Deluxe Kit
"Cocoa & Chill" Deluxe Kit
"Cocoa & Chill" Deluxe Kit
"Cocoa & Chill" Deluxe Kit

"Cocoa & Chill" Deluxe Kit

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Printed on vibrant, high-quality, non-removable Matte sticker paper.

Made for Standard Vertical planners; best in A5-Wide Planner Layouts, but can work well in similar/other inserts and planners!

***PLEASE NOTE: Glitter shown in these stickers do not actually contain glitter! They are an ink print of a glitter texture.


This kit comes with 10 sheets of stickers that include:

• Sheet #1 - (Full Boxes) Full-Sized Sheet of 9 Full Boxes (full-boxes are 1.5 in wide by 1.875 in tall), 1 Weekend Banner
• Sheet #2. (Functional #1) Full-Sized Sheet of Functional Stickers (includes heart checklists, Date Covers [1.5 in wide x 0.5 in tall], w/ separate date dots, 25 functional kiss-cut icons, and 12 script stickers).
• Sheet #3. (Functional #2) Full-Sized Sheet of functional stickers (includes 4 half-box checklists, two full box habit trackers, two quarter box habit trackers, a movie marquee, 18 functional dots, rescheduled, canceled and not happening stickers, 4 quarter boxes, 2 1/8th boxes, and two bill dues [all boxes and the movie marquee measure 1.5 inches wide]).
• Sheet #4. (Half-Boxes & Pattern Washi) Full-Sized Sheet of Patterned Washi, 8 Half-boxes, and 4 quarter boxes [all 1.5 in wide and varying inches tall].
• Sheet #5. (Headers & Littles) Full-Sized Sheet of 28 Headers & 24 Little Things [all 1.5 in wide]
• Sheet #6. (Heart Checklists) Full-Sized Sheet of 9 Full Box Heart Checklists [1.5 in wide x 1.875 in tall], 4 Large Page Flags, and 4 Mini-Page Flags.
• Sheet #7. (Washi) Full-Sized Sheet Bottom Washi (Long THICK Strip measures 6.435 x 1.25 in; Long THIN Strip measures 6.435in x 15mm [.59 in]; Short THICK Strip measures 4.79 Wide x 1.25 in tall; Short THIN Strip measures 4.79 in wide x 15mm tall [.59 in]), and 8 Work Labels (1.5 in wide x 0.27 in tall).
• Sheet #8. (Glitter Sampler) Full-Sized Sheet of 32 Glitter Headers, 4 1/8th Boxes, 4 Quarter Boxes, 4 Labels, and 4 Glitter Half-Boxes. All Stickers are 1.5 inches wide.
• Sheet #9. (Deco Sheet) Mini-Sheet of miscellaneous sized decorative stickers.
• Sheet #10. (Fashion Boxes) Mini-sheet of four full-boxes, all measuring 1.5 inches wide x 1.875 inches tall.

**** Full-Sized Sheets are approximately 7.4 x 4.8 Inches, and Mini-Sheets are approximately 3.7 x 4.8 inches.


Each transaction comes with one mini-sheet sampler freebie!

Get a deluxe freebie (full-sized sheet [4.8 x 7.4 inches]) on orders over $50 USD!


Please keep in mind:
• Colors may vary depending on your device / monitor. What you see on your screen may look slightly different in person.
• Please read shop policies for more information on processing times and shipping.


Questions? Feel free to message me at any time!

Clipart used in this collection is by Coffeedoodles <3

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Thank you for shopping with Kimmi's Studio! :D

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